Whom should I contact if a street light is out?

If it is one of the smaller lights at the entrances or at the roundabout, please contact the board. If it is one of the taller lights, please contact Johnson County REMC at (317) 736-6174 with the location of the light and also the number at the top of the pole.

My mailbox is broken/needs new parts. Where can I find these?

Please contact Otto’s Streetscape Solutions at (317) 886-4400.

There’s a pothole on the road. Who do I contact to have it fixed?

Please call the Johnson County Highway Department at (317) 346-4630 and tell them the location of the pothole (We are aware of all the potholes at the stones crossing entrance and are working with the county to fix all of these).

How do I know what is allowed within the community such as basketball goals, fences, pools, and hot tubs?

There are Covenants and Restrictions that were given to homeowners at closing that they can use for reference to see what the community will allow. If you do not have these documents, you can get them from the “Documents” page.

If I want to make changes, additions, or improvements to my lot what process do I need to follow?

Please make sure to follow the Covenants and Restrictions (which you can find under the “Documents” page) and also make sure to fill out a Submittal Form and send it to Board@kensingtongrovehoa.com.

What do I do if I have a complaint about another homeowner who is not in compliance with the Covenants and Restrictions?

Please contact the board either by email or mail which you can find on the “Contact Us” page.

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